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The ThreatModeler and Its Journey to Complete Network Safety

The threat modeler and its journey to complete network safety are two sides of the same coin. Whether your organization is on-premise or in a public cloud, the right tool will increase the overall security and protection of your network. To get started, you’ll need to select a project with an appropriate number of stakeholders and a small team. In addition, the project should be led by an organization that values security.

Once you’ve chosen a software platform for your network safety, the next step is identifying the threats that are most likely to impact your business. Having a threat model in place at the start of the development process is a vital step in minimizing the risk of a breach. This will save time, money, and the reputation of your company. The best part of threat modeling is that it can identify vulnerabilities in your production applications and fix them while they’re still in-production.

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The ThreatModeler program helps organizations automate key processes and integrates with major threat frameworks. It keeps up with the latest threats, allowing you to customize and refine your approach as your business grows. It’s also easy to use, integrating with popular tools like Jenkins and JIRA, and is compatible with Azure Boards. It even offers bidirectional web services API integration and is built on global security and compliance standards.

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