Should I Agree to Pay More Than the Minimum Required Amount of Child Support?

Divorcing parents and co-parents trying to reach mutually agreeable custody and visitation arrangements may find child support to be a contentious issue. It can be especially difficult for high-income couples to determine child support because their salaries may not fall under the state’s criteria, creating a murky region where the parents will have to work out an agreement on their own. If you have a higher income than your co-parent, you may be wondering how much child support is “enough” and whether you should ever go above and above the guidelines set by the court.  Discuss your case with qualified lawyers at The Harris Firm, LLC.

Substantial Disparities in Pay or Childcare Schedules

Above-and-beyond child support payments may be warranted when disparities in parenting time or income warrant them partyguise. No matter how much money either parent brings in, there is no way to compensate for the time and energy that goes into raising a child. If one parent is a busy executive or frequent business traveller, this might be a problem for a family. Child support payments may be increased if the noncustodial parent is unwilling to accept a 50/50 parenting time arrangement.

Divorce Settlement Negotiation Instrument

As you negotiate your divorce settlement, you may decide to increase your child support payments in exchange for a specific concession. Parental goals often centre on maintaining the same standard of living for the kids that existed throughout the marriage, which is why child support is so important to them. You could be able to maintain your business, the marital home, or change the asset distribution in your favour if you pay more than the recommended amount of child celebrities agen support.

Why Your Child’s Needs Have Changed Due to Unforeseen Circumstances

The recommended child support amount is merely a suggestion. They’re not set in stone and won’t change as long as there’s a need for child support. Just as every kid has unique monetary requirements, every family has unique circumstances. It may make sense to agree to pay extra up front if your children’s circumstances necessitate additional support and you can supply it.

Take the case of a youngster with extensive medical needs or other specific requirements. Child support could be very useful for the custodial parent if the cost of childcare and the necessity for flexibility prevent them from holding down a regular career lifestylefun.

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