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A recent decision by the FDA has paved the way for a revision of the country’s blood donation rules. The revised rule allows gay men to donate blood. While it used to require a year’s celibacy, the time limit has now been shortened to three months. The new rule also requires donors to define their gender when registering, rather than having it determined by their sexual orientation.

The new rules will be implemented by the summer of 2021. Participants in the study considered the proposed changes fair and believed that they were necessary. In addition, they thought that they would encourage more people to donate blood. They also said the new rules would not significantly increase the risk to donors or patients. In addition, they said the changes were not likely to affect their sexual habits.

The new blood donation rules will make it easier for individuals with high blood pressure to donate plasma without having to undergo a medical exam. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration will no longer enforce federal rules requiring a medical exam. The changes are intended to help prevent blood shortages across the country. However, there are some important caveats to these new rules. If you don’t meet these requirements, you may not be able to donate blood.

Donors should avoid taking certain medications before donating. Some medications may preclude blood donation for safety reasons, but most do not pose a significant risk to patients or donors. If you’re unsure about whether you are eligible for donation, you should contact the blood bank nearest you. Then, be sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water before giving blood. It’s also important to avoid drinking highly caffeinated energy drinks, as these may affect the quality of your blood. In addition, you should avoid strenuous physical activities for 24 hours before the blood donation. Once the donation is complete, you can resume normal activities.


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