How Did Fashion Start?

How did fashion begin? The answer depends on your individual preferences and the era in which it occurred. Throughout history, fashion has evolved and adapted to changing times. In the nineteenth century, women often wore a layer of undergarments underneath their dresses and skirts. In the nineteenth century, women wore pantaloons under their dresses and corsets under their skirts. Women also rarely wore pants. Women wore gaiters over their shoes and lower leg of their pants as protection from the cold. Many fashion trends recur every 20 to 30 years.

Menswear has also undergone major changes over the years. Bell bottoms, miniskirts, and long dresses were once common clothing. Polo shirts and khaki pants are now considered classics. Fashion is more than just clothes, though. Hairstyles, eye makeup, and footwear can add an entire look to any outfit. And, just like clothing, fashions must conform to the norms of society to maintain decency.

Haute Couture began in the 18th century in Paris. Fashion in France was known for many centuries before that. Queen Anne Boleyn was famous for her provocative hoods. For more than three centuries, Paris has ruled the fashion seas, attracting the best designers from around the world. Parisians have an instinctive style that can be traced to the city’s history. If you’re wondering how fashion started, it’s time to take a trip to the city of fashion.

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